Siili Solutions wins Finland’s largest public WordPress tender in history

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Siili Solutions wins Finland’s largest public WordPress tender in history

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Siili Solutions has recently won a contract to overhaul the web presence of the Finnish Legal Register Centre (Oikeusrekisterikeskus or ORK in Finnish). This multisite project, which includes renewing nine websites for the Finnish Department of Justice, is arguably the largest public WordPress tender known to date in Finland. 

We spoke with Emilia Kaihua, Siili Solutions’ Senior Bid Manager and the person responsible for the tender, to learn more about the project and the team behind it. 

The Siili WordPress team 

The team behind the Oikeusrekisterikeskus project is the Siili’s Kuopio-based WordPress wizards supported by the expertise of 1000 Siilis altogether. Acquired by Siili Solutions just one year ago, the talented team has quickly transitioned from working on smaller provincial projects to a powerhouse working on a national-level multisite project with a 750,000 euro valuation. 

Today, we can confidently say Siili Solutions is currently running the best WordPress team in Finland. They simply check all the boxes in a recipe laid down by Matti Kiviluoto, Advisor (DXPs & Portals) at Siili Solutions:  

  • Solid expertise and a constant desire to develop and learn more; 
  • Convincing references and happy customers; 
  • A well-functioning team with good and honest communication, trust, willingness to help, and a shared goal; 
  • Business competence, i.e. the ability to empathetically understand customers and their needs and offer just the right solution cost-effectively. 

The Kuopio team’s proven track record of delivering high-quality, efficient WordPress solutions, strong performance and clear vision provided the Finnish Legal Register Centre (ORK) the confidence needed to entrust them with the nation's judicial web infrastructure: 

“Siili Solution’s answers to the RFP questions were very extensive and unambiguous and they presented concrete solutions that apply well to the needs described in the RFP. Siili’s proposal presents that it has oriented itself well with the customer’s needs and can present clear solutions. In this way, Siili proves its technical competence.”  

The Kuopio team stands out for their technical proficiency, exceptional teamwork, commitment, and work ethic. Yet, it’s their outstanding team morale that truly defines their success. Henni Tuomainen, a UI/UX Designer on the Kuopio WordPress team, echoes the positive spirit of the team behind the project: 

 “I’ve gotten the pleasure to be a part of one of Finland’s best WordPress-teams 🤩 It’s been a real pleasure to work for almost four years surrounded by highly skilled colleagues. We work seamlessly as a team and support each other also in difficult situations. No-one is left in trouble and together we find solutions even to the most difficult problems. Our ‘swarm intelligence’ has saved us in numerous difficult situations.”

Siili’s Wordpress experts at your service 

Are you looking for comprehensive WordPress expertise capable of handling high-quality and demanding implementations? Contact Siili Solutions or connect directly through our social media platforms to discuss how our top-tier WordPress team from Kuopio can bring your projects to life. 


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