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Sanna Vainionpää – Business & Service Design Lead and a cosmopolitan

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World citizen Sanna is happy not to fit in. She’s moved around a lot, both in and out of Finland, having lived in Sweden and Italy to name a few places. Along the way, she’s learned to adapt to different cultures, and she’s been heavily influenced by them. Eventually, she was drawn to Siili due to our proactive approach to technological challenges.

“At the start of my career most everything on the Internet was either for free or piratism. The revenue logic for service platforms was only beginning to shape. Early on, I was doing demanding work on the frontlines of digital transformation and business development, both as a consultant and a client. Right before Siili I worked on innovation ecosystems. That was interesting and futuristic, but not very concrete – I joined Siili so I could concentrate on substance and senior level knowledge work,” she reminisces.

Sanna sees herself as a hybrid, who despite her job title only uses design as one of the many tools at her disposal. Here at Siili she combines design with technology. It’s a process in which she greatly benefits from her vast experience in leading international digital business development. Her particular strength lies in her ability to holistically perceive large entities.

“Siili is evolving, and we’ve got lots of opportunities for active employees to influence the direction we’re taking. It’s titillating to see where we’re going. So far, I’ve most enjoyed combining different areas of expertise. I think we have a future in bringing business development, client experience, and AI & automation solutions together. I want to be part of that,” she says.

Sanna’s true passion is seeking understanding of the human mind. She’s even studied psychology to dig deeper. In her opinion, people are the greatest asset companies ever get to have. She believes sensitivity is an undervalued resource.

“If we learned to be more sensitive and opened up to the world, we could learn so much more about ourselves and others. Children, for example, can make us realize things we as adults have already forgotten. My son teaches me more about life every day than anything or anyone else ever has,” she chuckles.

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