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Marek Matusiak – Head of Analytics and popularizer of data science

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Marek is a seasoned expert in many fields – a doctorate, who’s proved his adaptivity in his studies as well as in his work. On his journey from robotics into programming and applied mathematics he’s become somewhat of a popularizer of data science. His passion is clarifying mathematical models to all those who are wanting to understand them.

”I’m interested in the processes responsible for producing data. At Siili I’ve had the chance to do experimental work. Analyzing consumer data has been both interesting and an instructive asset, in example. I chose to become a Siili because I knew from the get-go that my experience here would be positive: our atmosphere is one of sense and reason, and our main value is helping all employees achieve a proper work-life-balance,” he ponders.

At Siili Marek has assumed many roles ranging from expert to tribe leader. He feels that a flexible position has helped him refine his skills diversely. As a tribe leader, he got to see the psychological side of teamwork, whereas as an analyst he’s been able to grow his substantial know-how. He really is very skilled at prototyping and translating mathematical problems into tangible code.

”Developing one’s expertise is one of the greatest aspects of being a Siili. I’ve also been able to build our competence and work on our tribes, which means I often get to enjoy the fruits of my own labor. It’s a privilege to work with nice people,” he continues.

In his free time, Marek reads, spends time with his family, and plays basketball, football, and board games with the kids. His newest hobby, however, is the novel grill he got last summer. It’s quickly become a great source of entertainment and utility for the whole family.

“While grilling, you don’t really need to do anything. It’s a great way to relax and even meditate. The best part, though, is how my wife and I gather around the grill for some alone time – it’s a date in our own back yard!” he laughs.

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