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Caroline Liu – Lead UX Designer and science enthusiast

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Caroline Liu – Lead UX Designer and science enthusiast

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Believe it or not, Caroline actually started out as a biology student. She’s always possessed a very scientific attitude, which ultimately led her to Siili. In her opinion, a designer needs to be willing to reach the final truth, and our knowledge-based approach is key to that.

“I believe that beauty lies in the process of achieving a goal. There needs to be good reasoning for proposed solutions – an idea needs validation. Long-term commitment to meticulous work proves most gratifying in the end,” she says.

According to Caroline, her job in short is to find and crystallize the key problem in requirements, and then enable ideation within a multidisciplinary team.

“I really enjoy that Siili is multidisciplinary to begin with, and everyone is very open-hearted. We have a good design base composed of people with different backgrounds. My own specialty, I’d say, is visual communication,” she explains.

Caroline is most happy to see that the design we do at Siili really makes a difference. She is especially fond of having worked with African start-ups, facilitating workshops on validating their business ideas and finding target groups.

“It was a very unique experience that Siili provided. I do not believe in heroism or individual feats – we’re all great ordinary beings, capable of creating something larger than ourselves when we come together. I think what originally drew me to Siili is our ability to enable that,” she concludes.

Caroline has one last tip for simply enjoying ordinariness: a hot cup of ramen noodles!

“It’s the best comfort food.”

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