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Siili & Amazon OpenSearch

Migrate to Amazon OpenSearch Service

Search, visualize, and analyze your data at multi-petabyte with price performance.

Amazon OpenSearch Service supports Elasticsearch (1.5 to 7.10) and the latest versions of OpenSearch.​

Migrate to Amazon OpenSearch Service for advanced functionality, scale, and price performance.


Siili & Amazon OpenSearch


The benefits of migrating to Amazon OpenSearch Service

  • Price Performance

    44% improvement in price performance with Graviton 2 processors. Up to 90% cost reduction with UltraWarm nodes and cold storage.​

  • Scale with Reduced Operational Cost​

    Scale up to 200 nodes and 3 petabytes with a managed service. Autotune, backups, upgrades, patching, failed node replacement, and more.​

  • Secure

    In compliance with HIPPA, FedRamp, PCI, SOC, and many more. Encryption, access control, 24/7 monitoring, data replication across 2 Availability Zones, cross cluster and region replication.​

Siili & AWS

AWS in Siili

Siili is an advanced consulting partner with AWS. We have over 80 AWS certifications and dozens of satisfied customers. We have delivered AWS solutions to all customer segments, including services, industry, finance and public sector.


Siili & Amazon OpenSearch

Migration options​

There are multiple ways of migrating Amazon OpenSearch to ensure more efficient business.

  • Migrate your On-Premise or Self-Managed Elasticsearch to Amazon OpenSearch.

    Choose your migration strategy: blue/green, snapshot recovery, or upgrade.

  • Migrate your Splunk workloads.

    Scale to petabytes with up to 90% cost reduction. Advanced functionality with the new observability and machine learning features.

  • Migrate your Solr, Algolia, or other Log and Search solutions.​

    Amazon OpenSearch Service is feature-rich enabling you to migrate other log analytics and search solutions.​

Siili & Amazon OpenSearch

Use Case

Unlock your Amazon OpenSearch ​ Service potential with Siili.

Transforming Search Solutions: A Fully Serverless Approach

The project's objective was to replace the existing search solution, which indexed over a million documents and items stored in Salesforce and an in-house tool. Our approach involved implementing a fully serverless solution, utilizing AWS Lambda, S3, SQS, API Gateway, and Amazon OpenSearch Service. The API was made accessible through an external API Management system.

The previous solution suffered from inconsistencies in the number of documents compared to the original system and indexing and processing large jobs could take days to complete. The new solution has resolved these issues in that it ensures there are no disparities between the number of documents in the index and the source systems. Furthermore, the indexing and processing speed has been significantly improved, allowing documents to be indexed, including text extraction, within just a few hours.

Siili & Amazon OpenSearch

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