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We host networking events and offer training at our Siili Academy. We can help you broaden your skills in design, information, and technology to meet the needs of the changing digital world.  

Robot Framework Basics

The Robot Framework Basics is a one-day course about using Robot Framework to implement test automation for a software product. Learning objectives include creating test cases and new domain specific...


ClojuTRE is a two-day Clojure and Functional Programming conference organized by Metosin.  ClojuTRE 2019 will be held in Helsinki, Finland, on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of September, 2019. The...

RPA with Robot Framework

Helsinki, 13.2.2020

The aim of this course is to get a feeling of the best practices in developing RPA solutions with open source tools. Emphasis is put on extending Robot Framework with own Python libraries.

Containers and the basics of Docker

Containers are one of the hottest technologies in software development in the recent years and Docker by far the most popular tool for it. Containers enable leaner development and modern software...

Robotic Process Automation 2019

The event focuses on the potential of software robotics to improve business efficiency. Join Siili's Intelligent Automation experts at the event to hear more about the possibilities of RPA!

Clojurebridge x Siili

Mikä Clojure? Mitä on funktionaalinen ohjelmointi? ClojureBridge on kansainvälinen vapaaehtoisista koostuva verkosto, joka järjestää workshop-tyyppisiä ohjelmointikursseja vähemmistöryhmille, koska...

Robot Framework Library


The target of this training course is to learn creating test libraries for Robot Framework using Python programming language.

Kubernetes Application Development

This training course covers the essential concepts and best practices for designing, building, configuring, running, monitoring, debugging and troubleshooting applications on Kubernetes. You will get...

Kubernetes Administration

This training course covers the core concepts and best practices for building and administering a Kubernetes cluster. You will learn how to build and scale a cluster, configure network, storage,...
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