DevOps Basics

DevOps Basics

This one day training helps you understanding:
- DevOps Concept
- Why DevOps exists and what benefits it brings
- How corporate culture plays a critical role in implementing DevOps
- Use cases and benefits of different tools
- Benefits of Microservices and Container technologies
- How metrics help improving business value

Training consists of a theoretical part and practical examples with a demo. Demo shows how DevOps tools are used, and how the code changes can be brought into production through modern delivery pipeline.

Technical prerequisites

To get the most benefit, participants should bring a laptop with pre-installed:
Docker CE 


1. History till modern days

An overview of the history of software development
Waterfall vs Agile
DevOps philosophy

2. What is DevOps?
General challenges
Silos vs united team and shared goal
Trust and freedom of doing
Continuous Integration
Continuous Delivery
Configuration Management
Reaction to errors
System well-being
Service performancee
Measurable benefits

3. Techniques and tools
Source code management and code quality
Continuous Integration
Microservices and Containers
Container Orchestration
Continuous Delivery
Monitoring and Reporting
Cloud Services
Configuration Management

Trainers: Matias Kantele, Ferrix Hovi

We have not planned any dates for this course yet, but contact us if you want to know more.

What's next

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