Containers and the basics of Docker

Helsinki, 6.11.2019

Containers and the basics of Docker | Helsinki, 6.11.2019

Containers are one of the hottest technologies in software development in the recent years and Docker by far the most popular tool for it. Containers enable leaner development and modern software architectures, like microservices. However it's not always clear, whether one should use containers and if yes, how. In this course you'll learn through practical exercises to understand and to use this exciting technology to your best benefit!

What will you achieve?

- Strong understanding of the foundations of containers and Docker
- Clear vision on what to use containers for, and what not
- Ability to create own containers and use ready ones (Docker Hub)
- Skill to combine containers into clusters with Docker Compose
- Understand the software development process for containers
The most important goal is to get an excellent basic understanding that helps you to design software based on containers. It will be a solid foundation for further independent studies and exploration.

For who?

Anyone working in software development who wants to learn the basics of containers and the use of Docker. Developers, Testers, Scrum Masters, Managers... everyone should benefit from understanding this revolutionary technology!


A laptop with Docker and Docker Compose installed. We will use the command line interface to Docker. Install Docker for most platforms from https://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/. CE (Community Edition) is enough, EE (Enterprise Edition) will do too.


In this training you'll learn by doing. We'll introduce the concepts to you, then you get to try out with your own machine how it really works.
- What are containers?
- What is Docker?
- Introduction of the container clusters we'll have built by the end of the day
- My First Dockerfile
- The difference between a container and an image
- Examining containers
- Mounting a drive
- Network connections
- Creating a container cluster with Docker Compose
- Everyone builds their own container cluster
- A word about container orchestration

Trainer: Michele Lindroos (Omoroi)
1 day
Date: 6.11.2019
Location: Poijut Antell, Porkkalankatu 20
Price: 500€ (alv 0%) including breakfast and lunch

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