Case Study

User experience driven mobile marketplace

900,000 weekly visitors marketplace, turned into a housing mobile service


We definitely wanted a competent and reliable partner to develop the important new Etuovi mobile application for us. Experience in design and mobile development, as well as smooth cooperation with our own organization, were crucial in the selection process. And it turned out as we hoped. The application was successfully launched and the feedback has been positive. Thanks to Siili's skilled team.

Simo Syrjänen, Director, Digital Development

Alma Marketplaces

Starting point

Alma's mobile service enhances the interaction between the home seller and seeker.

The starting point was to offer home changers a mobile application that brings together the apartments for sale, serves home changers in the best way, and thereby creates Alma a competitive advantage.

The Concept

For home seekers, the service offers seamless personal tools, facilitating both finding of property and initiating a sale.


  • Instant access to information on new properties and updates
  • The app's map enhances search functionality and facilitates exploration of neighborhoods
  • Easy communication with sellers/agents
  • Centralized housing-related information and communication

For Alma, value is created in the short term from the increase in the number of leads, the enrichment of user data, and the increase in brand value. In the long term, the mobile service will move Etuovi from a marketplace towards a more comprehensive service, and open up opportunities for additional housing services in the future as well.


For real estate agents, the housing mobile service provides a more efficient channel alongside desktop versions for finding both buyers and sellers.

  • Reach active home-changers who use the mobile service more effectively
  • The visibility and conversion of purchase announcements increases when they can be better targeted



Service design and conceptuali­sation


What opportunities could a mobile application bring to Alma's housing services business and customer experience?

We conducted research and created a concept for the Etuovi mobile application for Alma. During the concept work, we conducted extensive benchmark research on housing mobile applications globally and held various stakeholder workshops. Based on these activities, we developed a concept description and prototype, which were validated by customers. This material was utilized by Alma when making investment decisions.

UX design and application development

After the conceptualization phase, we handled the UX design of the application and the incremental development work. Initially, we released a beta version, tested internally with Alma's stakeholders. Using the beta version, we also conducted usability tests with end customers and gathered valuable feedback.

Following thorough testing and feedback analysis, we created the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of the application, which was launched in app stores through a soft launch. Subsequently, we focused on improving the user experience based on feedback gathered from the MVP. Ensuring a smooth user experience was particularly important in the development process, as it is a key cornerstone of the Etuovi mobile application.


Used technologies and methods
  • Concept design
  • Service design
  • UX Research
  • UX/UI design
  • Visual design
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • React Native & Typescript

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