Meet our people

I love constant learning. Experiencing diverse circumstances in various software projects is gratifying. I'm interested in discovering more efficient ways to produce high quality software.
My story as a Siili started almost three years ago with an interview by two charming guys with big beards. The atmosphere at Siili felt cosy, relaxed and the no-nonsense attitude appealed to me.
At the end of summer 2014, Tero received an offer to switch industries from advertising and VFX to software development. Less than two weeks later he found himself in Berlin, working for Siili.

Why Siili?

We are a community of digital craftsmen who love what they do. Today we want to be better than yesterday. We believe in lean start-up, continuous improvement, co-creation and transparency. As talented experts we enjoy freedom and responsibility. In Tribal Network we share thoughts and support each other.

Additionally to the best colleagues and projects on the field, we are also offering the benefits below.

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