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Easy processing of milk production data

Finnish Food Authority is a government office that pays yearly over MEUR 160 milk production support to farmers in Northern Finland. The support is accounted based on milk production data.

The system used for data processing had come to its end, so Finnish Food Authority decided to move on to a newer solution and also to renew the system used by dairy accountants with a more user-friendly Milk Register.


Kick-start with user centricity

The project was started in a user centered manner together with the personnel at milk processing plants.

“We organized a cooperation event about the renewal and went through the wishes and needs of dairy accountants. We also familiarized ourselves with the work of the milk processing plant personnel to get a full picture of their tasks related to the milk production support. Also, we organized a usability test with them, and based on the results we made some more changes”, tells Kirsi Jönkkäri, Project Manager at Finnish Food Authority.

“Doing things together is refined and a long partnership brought in reliability”

Kirsi Jönkkäri, Project Manager, Finnish Food Authority

The personnel at milk processing plants agree with Jönkkäri.


“I think the Milk Register functions very well. It is easy and quick to log in to the program via browser, and the UI is clear and nifty. Also, the process itself has become faster and time is saved for other tasks with the deployment of the new system”, Dairy Accountant Hanna Juvonen from Osuuskunta Tuottajain Maito says.

User centricity and the usability tests conducted with the milk processing plant personnel as well as the walk-throughs of demo versions delighted Juvonen.

“It was a good thing that us end users were taken in to the process and it was concretely examined how the register is used and how data is sent. At the same time, you yourself were scrutinizing and thinking of the process in more detail.”

What we did

  • Software development
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • UX

Tech & Methods

  • AngularJS 1.5
  • Java
  • Scrum (modified)
Maitorekisterin käyttöliittymä  - Yleiskuva

A good end result doesn’t always show for the end user

Extremely important in the renewal project was that the milk production support would be uninterrupted, as the monthly support makes a big part of the farmers’ business.

“For farms the deployment of the new system could not show in any way – and with this we succeeded very well. The old applications for support were converted to the new system, thus the farmers didn’t have to create new applications due to changes”, Jönkkäri smiles.

“A new view appeared on Vipu web service for dairy producers, and now they can see directly themselves the produced milk amounts and the amount of directly sold milk. The farmers can also apply for support, change the applicant or make changes to the co-owners of the farm online”, Jönkkäri says.

The new Milk Register has received great feedback from the milk processing plant personnel especially for participating them, having testing periods, and for the final register being easy to use.

“For Finnish Food Authority the new system brought reliability in use, and security in the support payments being uninterrupted”, Jönkkäri says.

“I haven’t come across with any problems with the use of the new Milk Register”, also Juvonen affirms.

Maitolaskuri - maitolehmä

Familiar partner brings in reliability

Siili and Finnish Food Authority have a long partnership, and developing the Milk Register was part of a larger project where several suppliers have been involved in. By creating together, also shared ways of working have become familiar.

“Doing things together is refined and a long partnership brought in reliability”, Jönkkäri touts the partnership.


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