Esko – Technical Solution Specialist and a code enthusiast

Code. Esko likes code, and especially clean code. He likes efficient code. Back-end code as well as front-end code. Esko likes object oriented code. And functional code of course, as well as.

Antti – Software Developer and a father

Antti has worked at Siili since 2010. He is employed as a Senior Software Developer working with Microsoft techniques. Antti has spent the past years working for the same client, on a project to.

Jenny – Scrum Master and an ex-TV star

In her past, Jenny was a producer, script writer, director, and a TV host. IT business was not familiar to her, but she saw an opportunity to both share her insight and learn more at Siili.

Eetu – Tribe Leader and a continuous learner

Eetu joined Siili as an apprentice, in the first iteration of Siili’s Master & Apprentice program. He ended up sending in an application when his friend recommended Siili as a company with good.