Siili Solutions

Thank you for a great year!

Hello Friends,
It is again time to wrap up the past year, getting prepared to the following one. It was another good year for us, we were paving the way as the fastest growing service provider in our size, maintaining good profitability. Our competence management is the most advanced in our field of business, and we have proven our ability to run the company with light overhead costs. Our expertise is widely appreciated, and supported by the public listing on Nasdaq, has given us a good and well known reputation.

As every year, this is also the time to create a hypothesis and plan for the next year, to learn from the challenges, to prioritize the development needs for the following year. The biggest challenges we met this year were project delivery related, and we have already worked hard in gaining the competence and processes for avoiding these in the future. However, that work continues until our project delivery excellence is on the same level with our competence management. We have also already addressed the need for strengthening our communication and leadership through tribal leads. Lean management is demanding, when you are never ready, but continuously improving. Consequently, the beauty is that it requires also respect and culture uniting us for always better and more significant achievements.
Our mission is to be a trusted digitalization partner. We're co-creating sustainable solutions for data driven digitalization of businesses, and life changing experiences with new digital services. Our value proposition is the same as before, but we are fine-tuning the inside of our service management and development. The theme for 2017 is Data driven Design and Design driven Development, based on the following facts:

  • Data management is a key in harnessing digitalization for business benefits and life changing experiences. In 3 years, intelligent automation together with online sensor data management is opening unseen opportunities for new business models and more meaningful services and jobs.
  • Data is an enabler, but it is Design that causes disruption. Our design thinking is focused on gaining an understanding of human experience and business targets, based on data.
  • Our Development focuses on providing value, eliminating waste, facilitating communication, and easing of technology agnostic integration. Quality is not a process for us, it’s a culture of making software.

In addition, we are developing our revenue model further towards value based pricing, and are adding repeatable processes and productized components to our delivery process for enhancing customer experience, competitiveness and profitability.
Together, all of us Siilis and our customers, we are co-creating Siili into an internationally appreciated Digitalization partner, the forerunner in combining data, design & technology competences and processes to one seamless and technology agnostic entity.
Wishing you joy for the holiday preparations,