Ruka Ski School is powered by Drupal 8 Commerce

Ski School in a cart - Drupal 8 ready for e-commerce

Siili created the design and the technical implementation for the multilingual Ruka Ski School e-commerce website. We had the opportunity to be on spearhead in Finland to use Drupal 8 Commerce as the platform for the site.

Drupal is an open-source content management framework with a vast community and easy extendibility. This has resulted it to be one of the most popular platforms for websites, foremost on those on the more complex side. Drupal world is currently ongoing a major transition due to the new version 8. Since its release, the community of over 100,000 developers has been working hard to provide us the immense amount of modules that is available for the last version, too. One of these modules is the Commerce, which is used to add e-commerce features to a Drupal website.

On this prenote we were excited to get the privilege to build Ruka one of the first Drupal 8 Commerce based sites in Finland. Key points for the project was to validate Drupal 8's capabilities to serve as the e-commerce platform for Ruka, to get Ruka Ski School's courses available for online purchasing and reservation, and to provide a base for future implementations. Drupal was a natural choice for Ruka since their main site is built with Drupal 7.

Before the technical implementation Siilis designed the visual theme and user interfaces for the site, although the header and footer were kept intact to keep the uniform user experience with the main site. Site is mobile optimized and responsive for various different devices.

Payment gateway for the e-commerce solution was selected to be Paytrail, which on top of credit card payments offers Finnish online banks as payment methods. Production ready payment gateway module was released during the project with Paytrail's help.

Extending Commerce to make an even better store

Drupal 8's Commerce is still in beta stage, meaning its features are yet not full-fledged and polished. Upon readily available features we implemented a few of custom functionalities just for this site, but in a way that they are easily replaceable with more feature-rich modules when the Drupal community gets them ready. We also created modifications to the order and product variation handling in order to help the routines of the Ski School personnel.

Project further established our view on the current status of Drupal 8's Commerce core and its community-contributed extensions, leading us to maintain it as the primary recommended platform for Drupal related e-commerce solutions.

Especially stores that have a higher requirement list for features will benefit from the extendability and new version's architectural changes, not to mention other features such as the enterprise level configuration management support brought by Drupal 8.

Contact us to hear more how Drupal could help strengthen your web presence - including the e-commerce solutions!

Jari Lana,
Technical Project Manager, Drupal Team Lead

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