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Siili takes user experience to the next level in Beierholm's new scalable intranet

Siili helped Beierholm to renew their intranet to be both helpful tool and source of information at work, and likable to use and provides a great employee experience. 


Beierholm, a leading accounting company in Denmark, had built its original intranet already in 1998, and it needed an update. Beierholm wanted the intranet to be easy to access and navigate and provide their employees a modern user experience with all the necessary information and tools. Together with Beierholm, Siili created on top of the Sitefinity CMS platform a fully functional intranet that answered to all of Beierholm’s requirements.


"Siili’s reputation as one of the best Sitefinity partners in Europe swayed our final decision. We had big ambitions for our intranet and Siili had the expertise to make it happen."

Kasper Behrens, Head of IT, Beierholm


Beierholm had built its original intranet already at the end of the 90s. The site acted as an information source for employees, helping them to stay up to date on the latest legislation and company news. While the existing intranet still supported Beierholm’s business needs, the site needed to be renewed to improve the employee experience. What Beierholm required was an intranet that supported new workflows, new platforms, and new devices, and would serve them in their rapidly increasing and ongoing needs.

Beierholm also wanted a platform with a standardized code base that had the ability to quickly and easily develop new modules when needed. These requirements led Beierholm to eventually decide on Progress® Sitefinity®. Siili’s reputation as one of the best Sitefinity partners in Europe convinced Beierholm to choose Siili as their implementation partner.


There were four specific targets for Beierholm’s new intranet site:

Education & Tools - The intranet should educate and inform employees about legislative and regulatory changes, as well as provide them with templates and tools needed for daily work.

Communication channel - The intranet should act as the primary communication channel from management to employees.

Personal documents - The intranet should provide access to all relevant documents and information about an employee’s own employment.

News & Events - The intranet should make sure everyone is up to date with local events and other on-site news.

Beierholm needed an intranet that was easy to navigate, intuitive to use, and approachable. Sitefinity provided the functionality and scalability to develop an intranet that satisfied all the requirements and enabled Beierholm to craft an intranet with a modern user experience.

Shortly after Beierholm and Siili began working on the project, Beierholm acquired and merged with two other companies, bringing on more than 300 new employees who were unfamiliar with Beierholm’s processes. The new intranet enabled Beierholm to simplify communication across multiple branches and integrate new information flows to make the onboarding process even easier.


Beierholm’s intranet needed to do a lot – it’s a sophisticated website with multiple functions, a considerable amount of content, and a plethora of tools. With Siili and Sitefinity, Beierholm was able to design and implement the intranet they wanted.

The intranet design is personalized based on the role of the employee and uses color coding to make everything digestible at a glance. The Sitefinity content management system also improved and enhanced content creation and editing, and it has an excellent search feature with a one-click calling.

With Sitefinity, Beierholm and Siili can easily develop new modules to enhance the user experience or to cover any needs that may arise in the future. For Beierholm, this autonomy was a key selling point and ensures the new intranet doesn’t run into the same scalability issues the old one encountered.



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