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Siili Solutions Plc expands its operations to the United States

Siili Solutions Plc
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12 August 2016 at 9:00 AM        

The software integrator Siili Solutions Plc has expanded its operations to the United States and established a subsidiary, Siili Solutions Inc., there. The establishment of a new site is related to Siili’sinternationalisation strategy and the foothold the company has already gained in digitalisation development in the automotive industry. First employees will be located in California and New York.


Siili Solutions has for years shaped its offering determinedly to align it with global development trends in digitalisation and information management. In six years, Siili has grown from a provider of programming expert services into a developer of technology and terminal device independent digital services and a challenger of major software integrators and as well traditional product based thought pattern. Siili currently employs more than 400 talented professionals. Along with the newly opened US site, Siili now operates and recruits in five different growth regions: in Helsinki and Oulu in Finland as well as in Germany, Poland and the United States.  


“Our German and Polish units that have been operational for a couple of years now have proved that our role in the changing global environment is to provide our customers with comprehensive insight not only into the technological possibilities of digitalisation but also into user-centric service design and information flow management”, says Seppo Kuula, CEO, Siili Solutions Plc.


Internationalization is a key part of Siili’s growth strategy. Siili’s international growth strategy is driven by rapibly growing and expanding IoE (Internet of Everything) and digitalisation projects with which the company develops its competitiveness further. IoE supports the increasing need to develop the user experience, brought along by the development of digital user interfaces, the increase in vehicle-to-vehicle communication and the multichannel use of electronics.


“We seek profitable international growth especially through IoE (Internet of Everything) and digitalisation projects of traditional service providers in which we have gained a foothold in the automotive industry, among other sectors. Our goal is to offer the automotive industry an opportunity to improve competitiveness by creating new user experiences for consumers with the increasing vehicle–driver integration enabled by information systems”, explains CEO Seppo Kuula.


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Siili Solutions in brief:
Siili Solutions Plc is a leading software integrator and digital service partner that provides the leading Finnish and global companies with technology-independent IT expert services covering their entire information systems. Siili has offices in Helsinki, Oulu, Berlin and Wroclaw. Siili Solutions Plc shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Siili has grown rapidly and profitably since its establishment in 2005.