Siili helps Wärtsilä personalize their customers’ online experience

Siili helps Wärtsilä personalize their customers’ online experience

Siili helped Wärtsilä embrace the digital age with a fully redesigned website, complete with personalized content and customer journeys.


Wärtsilä is a global leader in advanced technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. As a corporation striving to reach an international customer base, Wärtsilä’s website plays a pivotal role in the company’s digital marketing efforts. However, Wärtsilä’s website and its maintenance had become too complex, and it lacked modern website elements, such as personalization and responsiveness. With Siili’s help, Wärtsilä totally renewed their website and its content management system and stepped up their game in digitalization.


Wärtsilä’s website contained unique content pages for Wärtsilä’s three business units, as well as regional sites for more than 50 different locations and languages, making the website too complex. Wärtsilä’s web content management system was also full of shortcomings, from a poor user interface and scalability to responsive design and mobile device compatibility.


“What we strive to do is empower Wärtsilä to be creative”
Kiril Jovchev, Siili Solutions


Wärtsilä needed a better content management system, and a new website to deliver a modern personalized user experience. In September 2014 Wärtsilä began to work on a new concept with Siili, and they ended up going with Progress® Sitefinity® CMS.


The migration for the website was a smooth process, and the new global site was launched in March 2015.


Once the site was launched and the content management processes were ironed out, Wärtsilä and Siili began assessing the digital marketing maturity of the company’s different business units. Wärtsilä wanted to further improve the customer journey with the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC), and decided that the Marine business unit, with more than 200 product pages, was a good place to start.

“The B2B world needs more personalized experiences,
and now we can create them”

Maud Bernard, Wärtsilä

Using Digital Experience Cloud, Wärtsilä could effectively score visitors for each action they took on the website. Based on this score, Wärtsilä could further personalize the user experience by serving tailored content recommendations and eventually promote the most relevant pages to the visitor, initiating them to fill in a sales contact form.


In the business-to-business space, every lead counts – a single converted lead could generate millions of dollars in revenue for Wärtsilä. By tracking visitor behavior and personalizing their experience throughout the customer journey with Sitefinity and Digital Experience Cloud, Wärtsilä has been able to move away from the “one message for all” approach and take a more innovative angle, with highly tailored experiences for every prospect.


Since launching the pilot program with Digital Experience Cloud, Wärtsilä has garnered more than 100 highly qualified leads, which has led to numerous quotes and other engagements from both known prospects and unexpected ones. The initiative even garnered a completed sale – a major success when a single customer can bring in so much revenue.


Looking into the future, Wärtsilä aims to continue rethinking and refining the way the customer journey is handled, with the flexibility of the Sitefinity platform and the help of Siili Solutions.