SALabs at RoboCon 2020

RoboCon conference has been a tradition for the SALabs tribe from the very beginning. We are active supporters of the Robot Framework community and RoboCon was a chance for us to give back and share our knowledge and expertise with fellow software automation specialists and supporters.


This year we had excellent presence throughout the event: two workshops, a conference talk and sprint project hacking. On top of it all, our company Siili Solutions was one of the main sponsors of RoboCon. 

Mastering the basics  

As we are very eager to share what we know and train others to eventually become self-sufficient in their work, during the 2019 we began to shift our tribe focus towards mentoring and coaching, while still delivering excellent project work at our customers. During RoboCon we hosted an introductory workshopRobot Framework hands-on. It was conducted by our expert coaches Jenna Kaisanlahti and Valtteri Kukkola. Robot Framework trainings are a staple part of our offering and they can be tailored to the target group’s specific needs. In addition to workshops, we participated in creation of intro-level documentation for Robot Framework.  

Envisioning new ways to handle test results 

For the last few years Tommi Oinonen and other SALabs tribe members have studied and worked on introducing new ways to think about test results and the order of running tests. At RoboCon we were happy to share the practical insights and tools that have emerged from the research.

During the workshop Tommi explained how to save Robot Framework test results to a database using TestArchiver tool developed by SALabs. Workshop participants learned how to collect their result data from temporary result files to database for further use. 

During the conference Tommi had a talk where he presented the big idea of letting go of the habit of running full test sets in linear order every time, and instead allowing the code algorithm to decide what tests we really need to run based on code changes. 

Tommi insisted on a mindset change on how to handle test result data as well. Results from various test steps and their environments are often scattered around infrastructure and organization silos. Our approach allows storing result data from different sources to a structurally unified database format.  

So what does this mean in practice? We could combine results from different phases such as integration testing and acceptance testing under one version (git hash, release number, etc). We called the platform Epimetheus to give a shout out to the less-known twin brother of Prometheus from Greek mythology. Feel free to check its development at its Github page.  

Open source libraries 

We do acknowledge the idea of letting go of test execution order is not taken lightly. That is why we give away the results of our own research and development to the public by open-sourcing the components required to achieve the goal. So far, we have already open-sourced the back-end pieces, TestArchiver and ChangeEngineBut that’s not all! At RoboCon we announced that we will also publish the user interface for visualizing the results later this year, so stay tuned! 

We believe these open-source components can help any software automation professional. We give them away for free as part of our community work, and also because we are aware that the full potential of these tools requires wider usage and development – something we cannot achieve solely by ourselves. 

So are you interested what the future is going to be like? Check out our UI demo instance, and feel free to give feedback via projects GitHub page. 

Here for the next version of you?  

We will be organizing workshops and trainings on our test reporting tooling during 2020. Subscribe to the Siili event calendar newsletter for announcements, so that you don’t miss it!  

If you are eager to learn more about the topic as soon as possible, drop us a line via the contact form. Remember, we are happy to help you or your organization in all things DevOps – whether it is about simply introducing the culture, learning how to build your own Continuous Integration pipeline, or maybe taking a deep dive into Git version control system and learning how to use it to benefit your project. Tell us what you need – we are here to help. 

Our next “Robot Framework Basics” course will be held on 4.2.2020 in Helsinki. Agenda and registration can be found here.

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