UiPath Forward London 2017 Summit

Moving forward into an automated future – UiPath Forward London 2017 Summit

Robotic Process Automation is a journey into the unknown, but like all great movements it is backed by skilled, dedicated and above all committed people. The UiPath Forward Summit was a perfect reminder of the belief and resolution behind this drive into an automated tomorrow.

A force of change

The RPA Tribe  of Siili was proud to take part in the UiPath Forward Summit as a partner, especially with this week marking the launch of our Robotics as a Service platform as well. The event took place in etc. venues St. Paul’s, right in the heart of London, and the early morning was graced with a rare flash of English sun as well. 

UiPath Forward Summits are a relatively new thing, with just one held before and two more lined up, with a promise to make these a continuous thing in the coming years.

The event was opened by the CEO of UiPath, Daniel Dines, giving a keynote on the roadmap of robotics moving forward. Daniel’s key points would hold through the day, as he remarked on RPA (Robot Process Automation) being a together-game: one where the platform provider, developer, and customer must all work together to create solutions that create value not just for one but all. The other takeaway was that automation is still a new a field, with huge amounts of untapped potential and possibilities still in store.

Daniel was followed by Boris Krumery, the CTO of UiPath, giving the roadmap of automation it’s technical side. Like we would hear from many presenters and even case examples throughout the day, cognitive machines are the next step in automation. Boris presented the challenges of current requirements of highly skilled developers for automation and the steps towards user enablement, reducing the skill gap between intelligent machines and integrations.

UiPath Forward London 2017 Summit

Changing not just work but the world

Moving towards AI integrations poses challenges not just to the technologies but to the processes and the people working with them. Automation comes in at Siili’s key areas of competence – to find the relevant places to automate, we must change the way we view processes and put the customer truly first. Automation is not just a patch solution, but a way to transform the way we see and do work.

This, however, requires a real buy-in. If automation is implemented only as a bridge from one system to another, or to save work hours, we are not untapping its true potential. Instead of taking a full end-to-end solution or a part of it and automating just that piece, automation allows us to reimagine and reinvent whole ways of work. A key finding made by Generali Link was that automation doesn’t take away jobs – instead, it actually increases job security. This is because when the robot removes the repetitive and manual parts of work, more time can be spent on the productive and high-yield areas.

The last keynote speaker of the event was the Executive Director of Dentsu, Hajime Koyanagi, who gave a perfect case example of automation changing the whole work culture. Dentsu has been in the limelight for having the highest rate of overwork per employee in the world, and they decided it was time to change that. Through automation, they have pushed overwork down by half, while at the same time increasing productivity. In their own words: to change the work culture of a whole country, you need new measures and ideas.

Siili’s RPA journey forward

Siili is making a leap forward in automation as well. Having launched our Robotics as a Service platform just this week, we’re making it faster and leaner for customers to create automated solutions that fit their needs. The speed and costs of RaaS make it easier and faster to find solutions that create value with automation.

Robotic Process Automation must be agile both on the surface and heart. It comes with the possibility to look at your business processes and find new ways of work, not just robots replacing human workers. When time is freed from the repetitive, it can be spent on something new. Automation at Siili isn’t just a tool for replacing work, it’s a possibility to create new and better ways to work.



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