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Jarkko Malviniemi – VP Innovations and a mountain biker

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Jarkko joined us via a most personal acquisition: he sold Siili the company he himself had founded! Having gone from design and communications studies directly into entrepreneurship, he believes in doing things with ambition. Back in the day, he already knew his know-how would be much needed to shape Siili’s future.

“My core skill is my ability to see the big picture, and then take it apart aspect by aspect. During my time as a siili we’ve grown from a 100-person organization into a listed company operating in a large network. It’s both interesting and challenging when a company starts to spread out,” he ponders.

Nowadays Jarkko is in charge of Siili’s offering and technologies and describes himself as a digital janitor. In his experience, we really appreciate know-how here at Siili, which encourages people to take part in developing the company further. Jarkko himself used to be part of the very first version of our design tribe, enabling everyone interested in design to come together to hone their skills.

“You can really be yourself here at Siili – we all have influencing power that goes beyond job titles. I love to chat with coworkers, it helps me keep up to date with what’s going on here. These quick interactions inspire me, they always help me find new ways of looking at things which in turn lights my enthusiasm. And so I can go on to develop our company further,” he continues.

Jarkko finds it difficult to simply stop even in his freetime. For him, relaxation means yard work, boat rides, and fishing. One activity is above all others, though: mountain biking. According to him, its allure is based on challenging oneself. It’s also an activity you can do both together and alone.

“The best thing about mountain biking is definitely just having fun; it doesn’t have to get serious. It’s up to yourself whether you want to engage whole-heartedly or bike with a twinkle in your eye.”

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