Never send a human to do a machine’s job.

Get automated with SALabs

SALabs stands for Software Automation Laboratory. We develop new technical and service concepts around continuous software automation and turn them into smart sellable solutions.

The key to success is our people; passionate automation experts who believe in continuous learning, coaching and respect of others. Our people demonstrate altogether over 260 years of expertise in software automation.

As our work is largely community-oriented, it is important for us to participate in academic research projects, for example Business Finland funded Testomat. We also embrace principles of collaboration and transparency by supporting open-source development and contributing to the Robot Framework community

We spread the word about software automation through speaking at industry events, as well as training and mentoring customers, students, our co-workers and anyone interested in the subject. You can find us in GitHub.


Strategic Partnership

We can bring one expert to your team, or bring a full team of software automation experts with the best tools and practices tailored to your needs. This can be scaled across your organization for a long term partnership.



We offer tailored packages, from introduction to software automation to building a Continuous Integration pipeline.​ We also train and mentor our customers to be self-sufficient.



We help you identify your organizations maturity for DevOps and/or software automation by auditing your systems or organization. Only when you know your strengths and weaknesses is it possible to improve.

Productivity engineering through DevOps

We guide you on your journey to modern DevOps and agile way of working. We apply solid design and craftsmanship principles to the automation code, so that you get the most benefits from software automation.

We help you leverage automation and tools to build, test, deploy, retest and promote software changes through environments to deploy into production.

This allows to receive quality feedback continuously, increase delivery reliability and speed up time-to-market. Thanks to automating development and infrastructure processes even the most complex or changing systems can be managed efficiently and with minimum risk.

We evaluate and formulate how you take your product or service to the next level. It should "just work".

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