Matti Kiviluoto

Web Content Management is probably not the hottest buzz-word under discussion at the moment, but still something very relevant for EVERY website.

I run a team of Web Content Management System (CMS) artisans at Siili, but I have still had to put my views about the role of the modern CMS into perspective due to the ever changing landscape of the web-site world. So… I decided to clarify a few relevant topics in the form of questions and answers.

Does every web-site need a CMS? – Of course not.

Hanne Kettunen

“Agile, agile, agile” is the new “location, location, location”. You must have heard it too, agility is one of the most important, if not the core competence that drives business today. Flying the Ooda-loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) faster than the competition might be the one thing making you the winner. But it’s hard. Really, really hard. And not just because of the speed. Everybody can be fast, at least on paper: skip a few processes, decide fast, get innovative, inspire and be inspired.

Siili Solutions

Siili’s employees are highly capable professionals — the average working experience is 14 years. We’re proud of this number — in a highly competitive market our designers and developers have elected Siili as their place of work.

Siili Solutions

Siili Solutions, a digital service developer, has entered into partnership with Rightware, an established leader in digital automotive user interface solutions. Rightware accelerates the digitalization of cars by providing the automotive industry with a solution that enables rapid and incremental digital user interface and human-machine interface (HMI) development.

Siili Solutions

Siili Solutions is proud to announce that it has been selected Telerik® Sitefinity™ 2014 EMEA Partner of the Year. This recognition is the first for any Finnish company. Sitefinity is a website content management tool (CMS) used widely around the world. The Siili/Sitefinity partnership is the result of the strategic Avaus Consulting acquisition last year and a content management as a part of digital services is one of the key focus areas in Siili’s strategy.

Siili Solutions

Like everything else, strategic work and consulting needs to change – to break free from its boundaries and become actions. We have completed enough traditional strategy projects to understand that these paper drills don’t always make sense. Not to us, not to the customer. Strategies need to be written, that is clear. But they should be written (and re-written) through an ongoing, Lean driven process, lead by the company itself. And here’s the secret silver bullet: from every strategy project, something concrete needs to be born to either validate or kill early assumptions.

Siili Solutions
Many times when people discuss analytics they primarily talk about modeling. Underlying architecture in this case is very simple...
CoffeeScript, a fairly new language inspired by Ruby, Python and Haskell compiles into Javascript, aims to highlight Javascripts good parts while hiding its “dark sides” and to make the whole Javascript experience just that much more enjoyable.