Jouni Leino, Full-stack developer and DevOps enthusiast
We like hackathons, meetups and all kind of gatherings where one can learn and create something new. This time it was all about programming with Clojure.
Tuija Raatikainen
The unemployment rates for recently graduated talents are high - so we created Master & Apprentices (Mestari & Kisälli) program for new talents of data, design and development.
Kristiina Burtsoff
Siili's Talent team are the messengers of our culture. Read Krisse's thoughts about the role of these people who are always spreading the positive energy.
Sami Laine
EU GDPR is coming on May 2018. Do you know how to make the most of it? Sami is our top expert on this subject, read this.
Markku Savusalo
Our Oulu unit's lead Markku noticed that coming back from summer holiday is a good measure how much you enjoy your work. What is it like to work at Siili Oulu?
Jerry Jalassola
Over the recent years, we’ve seen there are new ways of presenting data - fantastic looking, big, animated graphs are increasingly common these days. Data and statistics are no longer the playground of the number-oriented people only.
Tiia Rapeli
Our wonderful DevOps Wizard Jouni Leino visited this year's DevOpsDays in Amsterdam and brought back some new ideas!
Tuija Raatikainen
Having been recently recruited as a Talent attraction consultant for Siili Oulu, one of my interest has been to understand the Siili recruitment process.
Marita Klaavu
Siili recruited year 2015 more than 120 experienced professionals and will continue in the same path year 2016. How is the life of an apprentice?
Kristiina Ylikunnari
With customers one must offer facts and raise credibility and trust. This is how I’ve learned it and I have always carried this mantra with me.
Jari Rantala


We have all participated in projects where the work has been done like it was the Wild Wild West (aka. Cowboy Coding).


Florian Plank
We enable our Siilis to attend conferences, take online courses, support meet–ups and local communities, purchase new teach, books and other material and since last week even to live abroad for a while! But why?
Friends, ice cream, sleeping in, freedom, no homework – not bad. Would you however want to get a summer job from a fast growing company that offers digital services for the future?
Siili Solution’s work with Wärtsilä honored for the best in website creativity, design, user experience, functionality and overall presentation
Hanne Kettunen
Together with Avanto Ventures RautaKesko arranged their first ever hackathon and we Siilis joined. The goal for RautaKesko was to learn something new, get inspired and try out a new way of working.
Everybody wants their customers to have a friendly, comprehensive, personalized experience. It’s a big part of your reputation. But in a digital world where 60% of all buying decisions are made before a vendor is even contacted, making the most of each interaction is even more important.
Antero Kivikoski

I have always been fascinated by films and by their stories of the future, the impossible, winning, losing, and powerful emotions. After all the hours I have spent watching films, it is a wonder that my field of vision has not yet reshaped itself to match widescreen format.