Life as a Siili apprentice

Marita Klaavu

Siili recruited year 2015 more than 120 experienced professionals and will continue in the same path year 2016. It is well known that the competition is really tuff among experienced professionals and in the other hand, new graduates have difficulties finding their first job. Due to this Siili launched spring 2016 a new program - Masters & Apprentices (Mestari & Kisälli, M&K). In this program, Siili accepted 20 less experienced (normally Siilis have a minimum 5 years of experience) experts to become future professionals.

Learn from the masters


Starting from the recruiting process to everyday activities the days of the apprentices followed agile methods. The program started by getting to know Siili as a company, its business culture, filling out different kinds of Business Model Canvases and studying Clojure.


Each apprentice got their own mentor, which has been helping in everyday work life, project management and technical issues. Besides assigned with own mentors, the apprentices also have masters. The masters are ordinary Siilis with a great knowledge of a certain subject, for example, IoT, DevOps, Design Thinking and Information Management.


Work in real project - and have fun


From day one the apprentices have been working on an internal project. The apprentices are surely familiar with project working now, from daily scrums to Kanban boards, learning new techniques and working methods. The Siili attitude is clearly present to all of the new Siilis – enthusiasm, great attitude and fast learning skills are definitely present in each and one of them. Still every day is a learning experience.


Aside from all the work and studies the apprentices have been having a lot of fun – they have taken part into normal Siili activities like weekly collectives, running events, trampoline park event, pizza and ice cream.


After a two-month study period the apprentices received diplomas in an unofficial graduation. Yet it is important to remember that a diploma doesn’t mean that one could finish learning or define one’s level of knowledge. Life is all about continuous learning and we are happy that it is largely encouraged here at Siili. We are proud to be Siilis!


You can read more about the program here.




Got curious about our trainee program?

We are now looking for new apprentices for our next Master & Apprentice (Mestari & Kisälli) program. If you are interested in Back-end Development or Robotic Process Automation and wish to learn more about these subjects from our masters APPLY NOW or 31.7.2017at the latest!