Jari Rantala
The second official Siili CraftCon, an internal craftmanship conference for all craftmen and -women in Siili, was held on June. This time it was half days and three tracks worth of pure skills with and great topics. Jari had a talk about Serverless Architecture.
Masi Malmi
Masi is a Lead Developer specialised in Web Content Management Systems (CMS) with a DevOps twist. To bring his theoretical knowledge about Sitecore on Azure into practice, he joined a training for Sitecore partners in Copenhagen.
Oliver Rikkilä
While most people were enjoying their summer vacations, 20 Siilis headed to Berlin where Clojurists around the world gathered to EuroClojure. So did Oliver, who was new to the world of Clojure and wanted to learn more.
Jaana started working in Siili as an apprentice of Master & Apprentice (M&K) training program. Nowadays she is a developer in Robotic Process Automation projects and strengthening her RPA knowledge in Intelligent Systems and Vehicles tribe at Oulu.
Kiril Jovchev
We helped Beierholm to renew their intranet to be both helpful tool and source of information at work, and likable to use and provides a great employee experience. 
Miikka Niemelä, Eetu Kaivola, Mikko Katajapuro, Jussi Korpimäki
Four Siilis visited Agile in the City 2017 conference in London to explore ways to give organizations an agile boost.
Kiril Jovchev
We helped Wärtsilä embrace the digital age with a fully redesigned website, complete with personalized content and customer journeys.
Christina Panayotova
How to build a voice recognition bot? Christina explains it step by step.
Toni Petäjämaa
RPA is a fast-growing technology and organizations in different industries and geographical areas are starting to realize how RPA can increase their operational efficiency. Siili became the first locally operating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider in Oulu business region when Oulu RPA team was launched in the first quarter of 2017. 
Emilia Vahvelainen
Emilia attended the first ever Sitefinity Summit, an interactive 3-days event for both partners and users, taking place in downtown Boston. What are the biggest trends of CMS?
Jari Lana
Siili created the design and the technical implementation for the multilingual Ruka Ski School e-commerce website. We had the opportunity to be on spearhead in Finland to use Drupal 8 Commerce as the platform for the site.
Kristiina Burtsoff
Last autumn at Siili, we launched Inspiring Leader training to achieve a shared understanding, language and culture of leadership. Siili’s Tribal Leads were the first to start the training. What have we achieved?
Jari Rantala
How to build a visual recognition bot? We participated in IBM's workshop to find out.
Jouni Leino
How to create a SlackBot? We participated in a workshop which introduced IBM Bluemix cloud services and was a lot of fun as we explored Integrations, APIs, various services and databases.
Seppo Kuula
It is again time to wrap up the past year, getting prepared to the following one. Read our CEO Seppo Kuula's thoughts about the past year.
Eetu Kaivola
Dimmed ambient lighting, throbbing bass and strobe lights. There's definitely something rock festivalish about Slush. But is it all just hype or is there something to learn? Is it only for investors and startup entrepreneurs?
Jouni Leino
Jouni wanted to fully utilize his diverse educational background and skills thus becoming a better engineer and a true digital craftsman. He went to Siili's Wroclaw unit to Poland.
Perttu Monthan
More and more customers choose Sitecore as the backbone for their customer experience management, as they connect and engage with their target audiences in more relevant ways. Welcome to learn more about why and how.