In the years 2020-2022, Siili targets organic revenue growth of more than 10 % per year, further boosted by acquisitions.

Starting in 2020, the earnings guidance will be given in EBITA (EBIT adjusted for fair value depreciation on acquisitions). In 2020, Siili targets to improve its EBITA margin compared to 2019. The EBITA target for the period 2021-2022 is approximately 10% of revenue.

The international business targets double the growth rate of the domestic business. In addition, the company’s operational objective is to grow to midcap size.

Dividend policy will also remain unchanged, i.e. 30-70% of the net profit will be paid out as dividends.

The aim is to keep the level of net debt at most double that of EBITDA. Deviations are acceptable under special circumstances.


Siili will improve the flexibility of the organization by focusing on two distinct operating models, its core business “Core” and its independent business areas “Portfolio”.

Core, which includes business areas Key Accounts, Solutions and Cloud Managed Services, delivers full lifecycle services for customized digital solutions, especially for mid-to-large customers, mainly in Finland. Siili_one Oy currently mainly serves Core.

Portfolio currently includes VALA Group Oy and Siili_auto business area, which will be incorporated at the end of 2019. The portfolio enables flexible ownership structures for its companies. Portfolio companies provide specialized and productized services that accelerate customer digitalisation. Focus is on customers in Finland, Europe and the US who need specialized expertise. A significant part of the growth is expected from new customers.

In order to achieve the goals, Siili puts effort in its competitive advantages, which are:

  • Continuous development of competence, offering and operating model driven by customer needs.
  • Accelerate customer business value creation as a close and long-term member of the customer team.
  • Attracting the best design, technology and data professionals with a wealth of development opportunities and career paths.
  • A combination of the delivery capability of a large organization and the passion and agility of small communities.

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