We began the renewal of our strategy in 2018, aiming to create a model that supports solutions-focused business and the optimal utilization of the organization’s competencies to enable continued profitable growth in the decade to come.


Siili is a large organization that consists of highly competent professionals in various fields and a trusted partner that offers comprehensive digital solutions to its customers. The management methods established for a resource allocation-based business were no longer effective in the day-to-day operations of a large and international organization. We recognized it was time for a change.

Having identified the root causes behind our management challenges in early 2018, we began our process of renewal by launching four strategic development projects:

  • Developing new solutions businesses
  • Growing the automotive business
  • Establishing an agile organizational structure that supports growth
  • Creating a consistent account management model

As a result of these development projects, we have already established a new organizational model for Siili, one that enables our professionals as well as our customers to grow into leaders in their respective fields.

The cornerstones of this approach are autonomy and internal motivation as well as the organization’s support for these. We aim to establish an independent network of units consisting of less than 200 people, which will see us gradually eliminate hierarchies, reduce administrative roles and increasingly engage our employees in the development of customer relationships by assigning more power and responsibilities to our employees and customer teams.

The goal is to provide more comprehensive services to our customers as a partner, commercialize new services more quickly and efficiently, communicate new services with greater visibility and, at the same time, offer alternative and attractive career paths to our employees.

Our new organization is currently comprised of six business areas:

  • The home of Siili’s core business—customized digital services—is Key Accounts, which is built around teamwork, the tribal network and a strong community orientation.
  • The Solutions business area will take initiatives created within the organization and cultivate them into new solutions business units in which our visionary and bold experts can create new business with a start-up spirit while the risks are shared.
  • Our expert staffing business takes place in the Siili_one unit, which gives our experts the opportunity to operate entrepreneurially with shared risks.
  • The Cloud Managed Services unit is focused on continuous support and maintenance services.
  • Siili_Auto serves the international automotive sector primarily from our offices in Poland and Oulu, Finland.
  • VALA Group will continue to operate independently in the field of software automation services.

Our growth in the near future will be mainly organic, and the primary objective of acquisitions will be to expand our competence.

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