Siili's strategy

The cornerstone of Siili’s strategy is organic growth that outpaces the market and is supported by corporate acquisitions. Siili accelerates its customers’ business operations and modernizes the digital environment. Siili believes in shared value creation, with the entire team – including the customer – working towards the same goal. This ensures that the operations are transparent and the customer is only paying for value creation. Bringing together different perspectives on the same solution, this approach creates a framework for innovation.


Siili combines design, software development and data into a business-oriented whole, together with the customer, for the benefit of the customer.

Siili helps its customers digitalize their business operations and adjust their information systems accordingly. This is achieved through prototyping with the client by means of planning, efficient and transparent implementation and technology-independent integration.

Our continuous, profitable growth is based on respect for people and appreciation of expertise, and on continuous improvement, fearless openness and customer-focused business models.


The world-leading integrator of design, software development, data and business understanding. Siili’s vision is to become known as the most innovative and efficient modern software integrator in Europe by 2020.

Siili’s goal is to always exceed its customers’ expectations. This is achieved by combining industry-leading expertise in design, planning and development with the most efficient methods in the field and by sharing expertise and caring about our experts.

Business environment

Digitalization is affecting business environments as significantly as the industrial revolution did in its time. The digitization of business operations is breaking boundaries between industries at an increasing pace. The industrial revolution was based on efficiency through reproduction, whereas the digital revolution is based on reproducing creativity.

Products are developed into services, and value is created in cooperation with the customer. The rapid pace of change requires companies to respond to change. A competitive advantage is no longer guaranteed to last.

Digitalization requires successful companies to be sensitive to rapid and iterative business development. Rapid business development calls for the joint planning of service development, rapid prototyping and an ability to make use of existing information systems for new services.

In an increasingly iterative environment, operations must be continuous instead of being project-like. Design is carried out together with the client, not as a project to be delivered to the client. We are the Finnish leader of this era of digitalization that calls for new ways of working, and we believe that we have world-leading expertise as well.