The following financial analysts and brokers follow Siili Solutions Oyj and provide investor analyses of the company. Siili Solutions shall not be held responsible for the content or estimates provided in their reports.

Mikael Rautanen
Tel. +358 50 3460321

Jaakko Tyrväinen
Tel. +358 40 5765047

Investor analyses:

SEB's analyses page

FIM company update 14th November 2018
FIM company update 16th August 2018
FIM company update 17th August 2017
Inderes company update 12th June 2017


Analyses published by the above mentioned parties are their independent and impartial view of Siili Solutions Oyj, stock ticker SIILI. Siili Solutions Oyj can not influence the content of the analyses, nor the reliability of the information. Siili Solutions Oyj shall not be held responsible for the truthfulness, coverage or usage of the information by anyone.

The information referenced and maintained on this page by Siili Solutions Oyj, does not reflect the opinion or future estimates of Siili or its management. The information should in no case be considered investment advice.

Siili Solutions Oyj shall not be held responsible for any financial results or other damages (direct or indirect damages) resulting from investment decisions or other actions made based on information contained within these analyses.

This Analysts-page is for informative purposes, and it should not be considered an investment recommendation, a proposal or a suggestion to buy or sell investment products. The reader should also understand that historical development is no guarantee of the future. When making investment decisions, stock holders should base their decision on their own research and evaluation of matters affecting the value of the financial asset, as well as consider their goals and financial situation, and if needed use an advisor. The reader is responsible for their investment decisions and the financial results thereof.

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