Hands-On Architect, Helsinki


Are you hands deep in architecture?

What are we looking for?

As a Hands-on Architect you’re the missing link between business solutions and software development, and you know how to combine enterprise architecture and its different viewpoints – from business to information architecture – to a functional solution. In the job of Hands-on Architect you possess understanding and experience on various coding methods and computer languages, and you know how to lead and guide software development. If there’s a need, you can also code yourself. You can also effectively communicate your design, solution or technical decisions to stakeholders. Describing solution architectures and solution ideation, design, and implementation are included in your core skills.

Keep reading if you want to have a better picture of the role and what it will require from you:

  • You have knowledge in several technological stacks at a decent level and should be interested in constantly educating yourself about upcoming technologies like Clojure and Vue.
  • Currently we are working with Java, Python, React, Go, Angular, Vue, JavaScript, Clojure, Elm, Drupal and we hope that you would love to work with them too.
  • You are able to identify business requirements, design entire system; choose system architecture at each level and technologies for its implementation.
  • Perform architectural and code reviews.
  • You have worked with API driven architecture and would not be afraid to fiddle databases if needed.
  • You are into Cloud Platforms as we are working with Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud.
  • You believe into DevOps, testing, Information Security and Security Operations.
  • Modern and agile development methods are close to your heart
  • Able to talk with customers in the language of business, managers of all levels, business analysts and developers in their languages.

What do we offer?

Siili is a company made of over 700 highly skilled modern craftsmen and –women. We want to be the best at what we do, making beautiful, functional, problem-solving and user-centered Digital services for our clients. We know that we are just as successful as our people and that’s why we work hard in being the best work place for our employees’ a.k.a Siilis.

We believe you should never stop learning new things and improving your craft, which means you can grow as tall as you want to grow with us. Being a Siili means that you get to work with different teams, yet be the master of your own work.

At Siili we see every employee as an extended-family member, and that means taking the very best care of Siilis both on and off work. We offer a wide range of  learning opportunities, benefits, and leisure activities to our Siili people. Flexible work hours and remote work opportunities are a no-brainer at Siili. We trust you.

You are able to develop your key competence areas and interests through our tribe network. Your Siili tribe (which you can choose yourself depending on your interests) will be your family and a peer group for learning inside Siili. We organize & participate in conferences, meet-ups, workshops – we love to learn!

Siili also has tens of leisure club activities: From Sauna Siilis to gourmet food, gaming, bowling, and running. We got you covered.

What next?

If you have any questions, Elena from our Talent team is here for you (elena.koivumaki@siili.com).