Field engineer inspecting a road weather station with an AR visor.

Vaisala AR

Mitä teimme
  • Solution for installation and maintenance operations
  • New user experience over augmented reality
Teknologia & menetelmät
  • Microsoft HoloLens Augmeted Reality headset
  • Android ARcore SDK
  • Unity engine
  • Data visualization
  • User centered design

It’s not enough for the product to be precise and reliable, but also its use and maintenance need to be flawless and efficient.


Sauli Laitinen, Design Manager, Vaisala

We wanted an experienced partner which besides possessing technical expertise, also has curiosity, problem solving skills, and enthusiasm to solve complex problems with the use of design processes. Siili’s expertise on AR and similar, successfully executed projects convinced us. Also, Siili’s way of doing user centric design and the use of Design Thinking matched with Vaisala’s way of working.


Sauli Laitinen, Design Manager, Vaisala

Field engineer's view of Vaisala AR via Microsoft Hololens.