The Responsibility Process® - Powerful Teams Workshop

So many want to know: "How can I master cross-functional and collaborative leadership?"

Most professionals don't realize there is a legitimate science and repeatable technology to building and leading teams. There is, and Christopher Avery has been defining, applying, and teaching it for nearly 20 years.

In this 2-day intensive workshop by Christopher, you will learn how to understand, orient, build, and lead any team any time. Agile methods say you should be collaborative. In The Responsibility Process - Powerful Teams workshop we show you exactly how to make that happen.


Attention VPs, Directors, Team Leads, ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches, Project Managers, and professionals who work in teams to get things done. Now you can confidently get more done with less stress and more fun by applying proven, reliable, and repeatable step-by-step team leadership framework and practices that build cohesive, high-performance team dynamics and get things done under conditions of shared responsibility. Double your team leadership ability fast, then double it again.

You will 
- Understand why a team does or doesn't generate a felt sense of shared responsibility
- Have diagnostic and interpersonal tools you can use to build collaboration
- Know there is always an effective action you can take to build any team, at any time


    Day 1 Day 2
    8:00 Breakfast 8:00 Breakfast
    8:30 Course starts 8:30 Course starts
    12:00 Lunch 12:00 Lunch
    18:00 Dinner and group work 17:00 Course ends
    21:00 Day 1 ends  

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    Christopher Avery "The Responsibility Process guy" is a reformed management consultant. After a decade helping corporations help smart, ambitious professionals find ways to cope with lives they don't want and think they can't change, Christopher realized coping skills are overrated. A better skill is knowing how to apply your innate leadership ability to face and overcome any challenge. 

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    Major benefits of the workshop:

    Results. Reliably produce results because you understand exactly what to do when you share responsibility with others.

    Confidence. When you understand exactly how shared responsibility works, you can be confident that the only thing that stops you in teams is you. You are larger than any team problem. You can overcome any team challenge.

    Lower Stress. When you are clearer about what to do to move forward, you experience less anxiety.

    More Fun. Being a part of a great team is never boring, dull, or a strain. It's always rewarding and feels effortless even though you are intensely focused and working hard.

    A few specific benefits:

    Demonstrate people and organizational savvy especially when and where authority and process are fuzzy.

    Get your own work done easier, faster, and better when dependent on others.

    Surround yourself with team members who take ownership.

    Get things done across boundaries by knowing what to do to move any collaboration, partnership or team forward.

    Overcome any team challenge by demonstrating competence and confidence about getting to breakthrough when confronted with differences and conflict.

    Get past upsets and frustrations faster, more naturally, and with less residue.

    Know how and when to gently contribute or, if necessary, take charge to get folks aligned and moving forward.

    Gain respect and put yourself in the position to be promoted.

    What you receive:

    2 full days of intensive hands-on proven-on-the-front-lines-of-leadership skill-building. We'll study from 8:30am to 9pm the first day (yes, 9pm) and 8:30am to 5pm the second.

    A practical "lab" experience. The non-optional lab from 5pm until 9pm on Day 1 is a self-organizing group study session you can accomplish over dinner with others. This unique lab is how you integrate and demonstrate your new insights about team leadership - immediate application followed by debrief the next day.

    A valuable image-based (i.e., not full of words) participant manual containing your own notes. Many graduates report referencing theirs for years afterwards.

    Certificate of Completion for 20 classroom hours. Participants who fully engage in the entire intensive from beginning to end will receive a certificate for 20 hours you can use to claim PDU's or continuing education credits from your professional association.

    Leadership skills based on what works naturally (called "is"-based) as opposed to "should"-based models requiring everyone to read the same book or attend the same training.

    Your own copy of Christopher's book Teamwork Is An Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility to reference and reinforce your continued learning after the intensive.

    Your own copy of The Leader's Guide supplement to Teamwork Is An Individual Skill for role-specific guidance about how to apply the principles in the book (and training intensive).

    Invitation to a private 60-75 minute follow-up teleconference with Christopher Avery and your class-mates a few weeks following the live session. You will have the unique opportunity to ask questions after having an opportunity to apply your new leadership skills on the job.

    Learn to:

    Apply The Responsibility Process® when things go wrong so you can get the team moving forward again immediately

    Take ownership for the productivity of your team, no matter what your role

    Get others to show you their most responsible behavior rapidly so you'll have confidence in your peer leadership abilities

    Practice the 5 highest leverage activities you can do to build any team any time

    Learn the keys to building your team without taking time away from work for team building so you don't have to sacrifice productive time together

    Rethink how you define a team (by it's members or by the collective task?). It will change how you view team performance.

    Discover why team member motivation is more critical to project team success than technical skill and expertise so that you can master dealing with issues of peer motivation

    Understand and master the universal keys to motivating peers who don't report to you

    Create contexts that drive healthy team dynamics of trust, respect for individuals, and goodwill and cooperation

    Determine how to trust just right in any situation with anyone for the rest of your life for amazing self-confidence and freedom

    Employ 4 steps for cleaning up broken agreements and relationships mistakes so that you can get back on track quickly without losing trust

    Internalize 3 formulas for breaking through conflict so that you can remain calm and focused when facing the heat

    Understand and capitalize on the huge inventory of talents, skills, characteristics, preferences, strengths, and abilities that others bring to your team

    Adopt a simple, portable, and complete meeting system that works every time so you never have to host a ineffective meeting again

    Turn conflict into breakthrough over and over again for higher levels of team performance

    Learn why criticism kills teams and what to do instead so people still get the useful feedback they want, need, and deserve for improved performance

    Provide effective feedback and communicate expectations without criticizing or diminishing teammates