Do you or your organization face conflicting goals, difficult choices with multiple options, or insecurity due to lack of information? In this course, we'll show you how to make things much easier with sensemaking.

Course description

During the course you will learn how to perceive, visualize and manage the operating environment of your organization and its key topics and goals, as well as critical success factors as part of your organizational capability and its development. We also look at what is needed to support business development in managing change needs, harnessing business-friendly information and technology, and directing people towards common goals.

If you already master different development methods, such as service design, creative problem solving, or enterprise architecture, you will learn how to apply and integrate them in your operations in a new way.

For who?

Participation in the course does not require any prior reference framework or methodology knowledge, as we use our most important tool for learning, which we have already been born with: our own brains. To promote and support the use of brains, we provide best practices, examples, and thinking models that have been found to be useful in practical work.

Trainers: Ari Anturaniemi
Finnish or English
1 Day
Location: Poijut Antell, Porkkalankatu 20
Price: 490€ (alv 0%) including breakfast and lunch

We have not planned any dates for this course yet, but contact us if you want to know more.

What's next

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