Robot Framework Basics


Robot Framework Basics | 4.2.2020
  1. The Robot Framework Basics is a one-day course about using Robot Framework to implement test automation for a software product. Learning objectives include creating test cases and new domain specific higher level keywords, running tests and analyzing results, as well as understanding the overall architecture of the framework and what is available in the wider Robot Framework ecosystem.

For who?

This training is especially targeted for Test Engineers, Test Automation Engineers, Test Designers, Test Developers, SW Developers, SW Engineers and other development team members, but it is suitable for everyone who is interested in Robot Framework. Participants should have at least some understanding, but no programming skills or previous test automation experience is necessary.

The training is fully generic and suitable for people in any domain. The application under test in the hands-on exercises is web based, and participants will thus get some web test automation skills as a bonus.

Prerequisites & Technical requirements

Participants should have some experience in working in a software project and basic understanding of software testing. The exercises require a laptop with Python 3.4 or higher installed. Operating system does not matter, but participants should be comfortable using the machine and have local admin rights to it. It is possible to work also in pairs using only one laptop.
Trainers: Jenna Kaisanlahti, Eeva Terkki, Valtteri Kukkola
Language: Material in English, assistance available in Finnish also
Duration: 1 day
Date: 4.2.2020 from 8.30 to 16.30
Location: Poijut Antell, Porkkalankatu 20
Price: 799€ (alv 0%) including breakfast and lunch


The planned high-level agenda is as follows. The list of additional topics can be adapted based on participant needs and interests




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