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We host networking events and offer training at our Siili Academy. We can help you broaden your skills in design, information, and technology to meet the needs of the changing digital world.  

Building Powerful Teams Workshop


During the course you will learn how to understand, orient, build, and lead any team any time.

Design Thinking Workshop

In this one-day intensive workshop you will get a basic understanding of the Design Thinking mind-set, principles, key tools, and terminology.

Innovation Sprint

Innovation sprint is a two-day comprehensive course, where Design Thinking -concept is utilized in innovation development.

Käyttökokemus -työpaja

Blankon yhteistyökumppanina järjestämme blankolaisille Siilin keskustatoimistolla design-työpajan. Työpajan kouluttajana on Siilin oma UI/UX Designer toimiva Juha Heimovirta.

Oulun IT-alan naisten afterwork

Tule tutustumaan muihin IT-alalla työskenteleviin naisiin, verkostoitumaan sekä kuulemaan vinkkejä ja keskustelemaan itsensä johtamisesta ja oman työn kehittämisestä.

Joint Futures Conference

A holistic conference on design. Joint Futures is combining better craft, operations, and strategy towards achieving results that impact the people, the environment, and organizations to do more...

Robot Framework Library

The target of this training course is to learn creating test libraries for Robot Framework using Python programming language.

Kubernetes Application Development

This training course covers the essential concepts and best practices for designing, building, configuring, running, monitoring, debugging and troubleshooting applications on Kubernetes. You will get...

Kubernetes Administration

This training course covers the core concepts and best practices for building and administering a Kubernetes cluster. You will learn how to build and scale a cluster, configure network, storage,...
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