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Sales and customer services to another level with a customer portal

Steel company SSAB digitalizes their business with a bang. Within a year and a couple of months a solid customer portal was born out of separate services. The portal is used by SSAB's customers to order products. Also, SmartSteel which takes steel panels to cloud, brings in tons of opportunities to develop new digital services. 

"We were missing shared tools and ways of working. We knew that just building a basic digital capability is a huge effort on our scale, but we set the bar even higher: we wanted to take customer service and sales to a hole another level and set the basis for completely new digital business", Niko Korte, the responsible for SSAB's digital business, describes the starting point and targets of the project.

What we did

  • IDM, Identity Management
  • Integrations
  • Micro services
  • Version control
  • Technical task management
  • DevOps methods & culture
  • Customized software development
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Data security

Tech & methods

  • .NET
  • React / React Native
  • AngularJS
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Sitecore
  • Azure DevOps
  • OpenID Connect
  • Docker
  • Azure
  • Scrum


Before starting the collaboration there was no shared way to communicate product availability, documentation or deliveries to customers.

"Roughly said we lived surrounded by data but weren't completely sure even ourselves what we knew. For customers we delivered only one pdf file with the steel, according to the common practice on our field."


According to Masi Malmi, Siili's Tech Lead in the project and in charge of an international developer team, in large digitalization solutions typically the first step is to create an enterprise architecture.

"Combining data from various sources enables a smooth service experience, shared ways of working and the development of future services. When tens of thousands of customers and hundreds of partners start to use services on top of the same master data, also identity management and data security will rise to a central role." 

Korte says that Siili's compherensive expertise was a significant factor in the success of the project.

"We got not only technological expertise from Siili, but also methodological knowledge on how to plan a project this large, phase it, and deploy it. It's not just a technology project. You could say that together we created culture where digital service development can be seen as an essential part of business."

”Cooperation with Siili is excellent on many levels. Siili has both wide methodological expertise and special, deep technological expertise. Also, they want us to succeed.”

Niko Korte, Senior Manager, Digital Business Development, SSAB


Both the customer portal and SmartSteel have been in customer use for a couple of months. According to Korte the experience shows that both the services hit the targets set for them.

"In short time, the customers have learned to search products in the portal from a neighbouring country's stock in case of an unexpected need and if the nearest stock does not store the product. With the help of digital copies made from SmartSteel's steel products they can examine the qualities of the product and give feedback. In the future we can adjust the machines faster, improve the quality of production, and get information of the carbon footprint of the product for responsibility reporting with SmartSteel. It's no longer needed to go to the office to search for pdf files!"

As a proof of the revolution of digital culture Korte mentions the evolvement of also sales processes.

"Our sales people have also been bitten by a digitalization bug. Automatization of boring routines, such as the management of documents, invoices, orders, and delivery reception, gives them an opportunity to focus on customer relations management and building."

Korrte says that SSAB now works as a global corporation should: internationally and in a transparent work. Even if the door to the world of possibilities is now open, Korte has his feet on the ground.

"In September we will publish a new version of the customer portal. What happens after that remains to be seen", Korte smiles.


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