LähiTapiola – Digital customer experience

Redesigning brand and digital customer experience

LähiTapiola, one of the biggest finance and assurance companies in Finland, wanted a fresh view on how to digitalize their customer experience and renew their brand. Siili and LähiTapiola created a DigiHub and an acceleration project to innovate and test ideas.

What we did

  • Brand design
  • Innovation hub
  • Digital customer experience design
  • Mobile first web application

Tech & Methods

  • Design Thinking
  • Business Design
  • Service Design
  • Prototyping
  • HTML5
  • React.js


Renewing the brand experience

LähiTapiola, being a fairly large and old finance and assurance company with a lot of history and background, was facing a challenge in the digitalizing world. Their brand image and customer experience were outdated, and LähiTapiola wanted to have a fresh view on how to do things agile, and redesign the brand experience and some of the older products.

"The co-operation worked really well. We got affordable, extremely amazing results. I don’t think we could have reached the results with a traditional approach, here we learned something new."

Tommi Kinnunen, Head of Marketing

Prototyping ideas

Siili and LähiTapiola created a DigiHub and a start-up-like acceleration program to innovate and test ideas. The work was started with a month long intensive brainstorming session, aka “The Mad Month”, and at the end of the 30-day period the first service prototype was ready for production. The service accelerators continued their work in weekly meetings, creating concepts, testing them with end-users, and managing development projects.

One of the many prototypes created in the Hub was a new concept for travel insurance with a new purchase path for continuous subscription. To top the competition in the finance industry, the leading idea was to design mobile first, and create as simple user experiences as possible. The MVP was out in less than four months, and that acted as a proof how fast implementation and agile development is possible in a corporate organization as well.

Culture remodeling

Customer-centric approach evolved to the leading idea for all things executed, and Siili became the trusted partner of LähiTapiola, continuing the agile work started during the ”Mad Month”. We were able to remodel the corporate culture at LähiTapiola together with customer and remove silos between different business units. We also helped to update the whole brand and customer experience to a new level, better reflecting the needs of the digital world today.

During the “Tiger Leap” acceleration, the joint team of Siili and LähiTapiola created

  • 150 unique ideas
  • 28 prototypes
  • 100 user tests
  • 10 iterations
  • 12 months of work
  • 3 published projects
  • 2900 hours of redesigning the customer experience and brand

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