Meet our people

UX design, palvelumuotoilu


UX & Service Design Lead and a sailor
“My job is to pin-point the problem our client has, and then create a great solution for it”
Ylläpito ja jatkuvat palvelut


Chief of Maintenance and a continuous learner
“Combining work and studies has gone well at Siili. I still have time for my hobbies, ice hockey, baseball, and practice guitar playing”


Senior Software Engineer
Since January 2015 Joost has been employee #1 of the newly founded the Siili office in Berlin. He has been working on prototypes — building hardware and writing code — used to test experience and safety aspects with actual users.

Why Siili?

We are a community of digital craftsmen who love what they do. Today we want to be better than yesterday. We believe in lean start-up, continuous improvement, co-creation and transparency. As talented experts we enjoy freedom and responsibility. In Tribal Network we share thoughts and support each other.

Additionally to the best colleagues and projects on the field, we are also offering the benefits below.

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