Web Analyst, Helsinki


We are looking for a Junior, Mid-level or Senior level web analyst, with positive consulting attitude, growth mindset and good understanding of modern web analytics playground.

You will be working on cutting edge digital products and services for our clients in a team that pushes Siili’s design competence to the next level.


- Helping our clients to take full use of analytics and user insights to better their business and value creation. Both hands-on work and strategic planning work. You need to be able to debug GTM installation, discuss about GDPR interpretations, clean up GA setups, facilitate measurement plans and sell the next steps of analytics work in projects.

- Planning and facilitating web analytics work across multiple teams of consultants. We are working with multiple clients in agile way, to develop their products and services. Our lean/agile teams need support for building capability to do customer-focused, data-aware decisions.

- Identifying and breaking down data breadlines. Providing people with tools and access to user insights, facilitating data-aware decision making, by coaching, creating dashboards, managing accounts, and occasionally creating reports.

- Work may include longer term consulting work at one client, at client premises.

Core skills we are looking for

- Good understanding of web analytics, tools, processes and limitations.

- Ability to facilitate, and lead measurement and analytics work in agile product development teams.

- Experience of Google tools, Tag Manager and Google analytics is a must.

Experience and skills we highly appreciate

- Experience using other web analytics tools such as Adobe tools.

- Data-driven marketing, marketing optimisation and personalization.

- A/B testing experience.

- Search engine optimization.

- Good Finnish communication skills. Some clients require this. :(

- Experience in design research, UX design or web development.

- Facilitation skills.

What do we offer?

All Siilis share a strong craftsmanship attitude and a passion for continuous development, so you will work with smart, professional colleagues who are always developing themselves across different areas of expertise. At Siili you will get a great opportunity to learn and expand your skill set with different customers and multiple high level projects. We combine business, design, data, and technical expertise in our approach which allows you to get familiar with new frontiers. You will get a nice balance of freedom and responsibility in your work, and a great balance between work and free-time. Siili is a very family friendly workplace, and we are proud partners of Isähaaste (the "Father Challenge").

How to apply

In order to apply, please send us a line or two with your CV and portfolio so we can start talking. We are growing fast and able to start working with you soon, so don’t wait. If you have any questions or want to chat with us a bit more before submitting your application, please contact Fanni from our Talent team (fanni.fager@siili.com)!