Clojure Developer, Helsinki


Care about immutability? Join Siili, and never change jobs again!We are now looking for a Clojure Developer to join our family of modern craftsmen and –women.

Who are you?

You know Clojure, and are not afraid to say so. You know how surgically precise Clojure tools could and should be used and combined for which purpose, and can also tell this to our clients. In short, a true Craftsman or –woman can choose the tools to fit the problem at hand.

Why Siili?

(<3 siili_ clojure). That’s why. If your dream is to develop and deepen the knowledge and use of Clojure in Finland and beyond, we want you to do it together with us. Clojure and other functional languages are our passion – in our junior program (Master & Apprentice), each developer learns it as their first new language.

Here are a few examples of our Clojure love:

Clojutre goes HEL 2018 Main sponsor

Clojure Meetups .core Internal start-up focusing on fullstack Clojure projects


If you want to know more about this position, please contact Elena (elena.koivumaki(at) We will interview potential Clojure developers as soon as the applications arrive, so please be quick :)