RPA with Robot Framework

The aim of this course is to get a feeling of the best practices in developing RPA solutions with open source tools. Emphasis is put on extending Robot Framework with own Python libraries.


Target Audience
This course is intended for everyone interested in learning about the best practices in Robot Framework RPA.

Prerequisites are understanding of what RPA is, and programming experience with Python and Robot Framework. Experience in writing custom Python libraries for Robot Framework is desirable.

Technical Requirements

  • Laptop with Python 3.6 or higher installed (newest Python recommended). You can use Linux, OSX or Windows, but you should have admin rights to install additional software as needed.
  • Your favorite code editor. Recommended tools are PyCharm, Atom, VSCode or Sublime Text.

The agenda follows these guidelines, and can be modified based on interests of course participants.

Tips and best practices
- Ideal project structure
- Python code or Robot Framework script?
- Good practices (linting, debugging)
- Task management
Exercise project
Overview on orchestrating robots
Making quality robots
- Packaging Python projects
- Version Control
- Testing
- Documentation

Trainer: Henrik Vesterinen, Intelligent automation developer at Intelligent Automation, Siili Solutions

Huone Kamppi, Helsinki

Please academy [at] siili.com (contact us) for more information on the upcoming courses.