Learn the basics and scope of prototyping, why, and when to use which methods, and get some hands-on experience with the SAP toolkit for conceptual design, and ("componentized") paper prototyping to get quick test results from users.

For Who?
Anyone willing to learn the basics of Prototyping.
People who would like to learn how to prototype low threshold, easy, fast. Both conceptual higher level prototyping and initial user-testable rapid prototyping.

What will we do & what will you learn?

Part 1: Introduction to Prototyping:
Different types of techniques with applied examples.
At which steps throughout your project you can use these techniques, and why (whether that's at the very initial stages of problem definition, and insight creation, or midway a project, to validate new features)
The testing quadrant, to help you understand how to map your prototyping experiences.

Part 2: Hands-on Workshop:
to let you experience and learn about 2 low-fidelity prototyping techniques:
- SAP Toolkit to help you with interactive, collaborative Service Design ideation
- Paper prototyping, thinking in modular components and sketching.
You will receive or think of a use case, reason your choice of prototype, build, test, and reflect on it.

Join us, and become better at communicating, testing and validating new ideas.

Facilitators: Yves Florack


We have not planned any dates for this course yet, academy [at] (contact us) if you want to know more.


Yves is an all-round creative and designer, focused on the iterative and inquisitive search, implementation and evaluation of user-needs. With 8 years of experience in a combined academic and professional background, he collaboratively worked as an Industrial-, Interaction- and UX Designer and Researcher in the Medical-, Sports-, and Home domains. He joined the Siili Design team in the summer of 2016 to help strengthen and develop their UX practices throughout.
Founded/runs UXHel, SketchHel, UXCamp Nordic: