Kubernetes Administration

This training course covers the core concepts and best practices for building and administering a Kubernetes cluster. You will learn how to build and scale a cluster, configure network, storage, security and other objects necessary for typical use.

You will also learn how to manage the lifecycles of applications running on top of the cluster. The training course will also cover how to harden security for a cluster in production environments. NOTE: This training course requires mastery of Docker essentials.

This course is excellent preparation for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam.

Kubernetes Administration course curriculum

Core Concepts & Introduction

  • Kubernetes Cluster Architecture
  • Kubernetes API Primitives
  • Services and Other Network Primitives

Cluster Setup

  • Cluster Design Considerations
  • Designing for High-Availability
  • Choosing Network Stack
  • Securing Cluster Communications
  • Validating Cluster Setup


  • Network Primitives
  • Pod Networking Concepts
  • Service Networking
  • Load Balancing
  • Ingress Rules
  • Cluster DNS


  • How Authentication and Authorization Works
  • Kubernetes Security Primitives
  • Network Policies
  • Security Contexts
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)


  • How to monitor cluster components
  • How to monitor applications
  • Manage cluster components logs
  • Manage application logs


  • Kubernetes storage primitives
  • How to configure cluster to provide necessary storage primitives
  • Persistent volumes
  • How to use storage from applications


  • Cluster upgrade process
  • Backup and restore procedures


  • Troubleshoot cluster failures
  • Troubleshoot worker failures
  • Troubleshoot networking

Application lifecycle management

  • Understand Deployments
  • Know various ways to configure applications
  • Understand the role of DaemonSets.
  • How to run multiple schedulers
  • How to utilize resource limits and how they might affect scheduling

Trainer: Jussi Nummelin (Kontena)

Poijut Antell, Helsinki

Please academy [at] siili.com (contact us )for more information on the upcoming courses.