Agile Enterprise Architecture Work

One day course on how to make enterprise architecture frameworks (TOGAF, JHS179) and design modeling methodologies work seamlessly together with agile development principles (e.g. Scaled Architecture Framework) in practice. Suitable for managers and developers responsible for new capability or IT solution development in their organisations.

Following topics will be handled in the course:
- what architecture work is and how to realize the need for it
- what benefits enterprise architecture can provide for organizations
- how to utilize enterprise architecture frameworks in practice
- how enterprise, system and software architectures join together
- how to utilize agile development methods and architecture work together

After the course execution, participants can:
- recognize most significant enterprise architecture development areas to support organization’s success and strategic themes
- identify key change impact objects of an organization to reach strategic goals
- identify, model and analyze key concepts and conceptual information items and their relationships
- structure organization’s drivers, goals and objectives of strategic themes and identify organization’s capability development topics
- understand how development ideas of future state can be planned and developed in lean and agile manner

Language: Finnish or English
Payment method: Invoice
Trainer: Ari Anturaniemi

We have not planned any dates for this course yet, academy [at] (contact us) if you want to know more.