Master & Apprentice program opens doors for young talent

Tuija Raatikainen

If one has recently gotten a higher education, it is possible that landing a relevant job can be difficult as the unemployment rates for recently graduated talents are high here in Finland. Even though the rates have fortunately taken a turn for the better, the situation remains alarming. It is a known problem that in order to nail a job, the recent graduate needs to already have some working experience from their field. The situation is frustrating both society’s and the individual’s point of view.


Here at Siili we have taken the problem seriously and to offer some solution to it we planned the 4 months long Master & Apprentice program. After the first successful round of the program, we have already started the current, second round in Helsinki. The third round will take place in January 2017 when Master & Apprentice (Mestari & Kisälli, M&K) goes to Oulu. 


The objective of the paid program is to familiarize the participants with the Siili culture and our way of executing software projects.


The Masters of the program are selected carefully from Siili’s own organization and they are talented experts in their fields. Siili offers a permanent employment contract for each participant and, to deepen their competence, after the two month training period the participants get involved with the real customer projects with Siili’s consultants. When the participants have demonstrated to have the skills of an independent consultant, they are able to call themselves journeymen, which is in line with Siili’s craftsmanship terminology.


The coordinator of Helsinki’s Master & Apprentice programs, Miihkali Härkönen, tells: “The journeymen have gotten really good feedback from the customers and they have been warmly welcomed to the customer projects.” Miihkali also points out that having young talents integrated into Siili’s organization has given a nice boost for our culture and ways of working and thinking.




Got curious about our trainee program?
We are now looking for new apprentices for our next Master & Apprentice (Mestari & Kisälli) program. If you are interested in Back-end Development or Robotic Process Automation and wish to learn more about these subjects from our masters APPLY NOW or 31.7.2017 at the latest!