Jari Lana
Jari Lana
Siili created the design and the technical implementation for the multilingual Ruka Ski School e-commerce website. We had the opportunity to be on spearhead in Finland to use Drupal 8 Commerce as the platform for the site.
Kristiina Burtsoff

Last autumn at Siili, we launched Inspiring Leader training to achieve a shared understanding, language and culture of leadership. Siili’s Tribal Leads were the first to start the training. For three months now, they have taken a close look at their own motivation, clarified their understanding of their coping strategies and taken multiple viewpoints to gain insight into the reasons why we are the way we are. If you didn’t know that the law of least effort represents the default setting of the human brain, well, now you understand why we are so often tempted by our sofas.

Jari Rantala

IBM invited Siili to participate in a half-day workshop where we were going to create a slack bot in their Bluemix cloud platform. I had never done anything with either of those, no slack bots, no Bluemix and no node-RED, so my expectations were high and I was looking forward to it a lot!

Bluemix is IBM's cloud platform, similar to Amazon Web Services. It has a lot of out-of-the-box features like machine learning etc. Node-RED is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services and it is not tied to Bluemix.

Jouni Leino

Siili participated in a workshop which introduced IBM Bluemix cloud services. The workshop was a lot of fun as we explored Integrations, APIs, various services and databases.

I wanted to create a Santa Claus SlackBot that listens to Christmas wishes, stores those in a database and sends an instant response to the user. In order to run my app in the cloud I first deployed a sample application into IBM Bluemix and then modified it to fit my needs. I used the Node-RED Starter -application and some ChatBot npm-packages.

Seppo Kuula

Hello Friends,
It is again time to wrap up the past year, getting prepared to the following one. It was another good year for us, we were paving the way as the fastest growing service provider in our size, maintaining good profitability. Our competence management is the most advanced in our field of business, and we have proven our ability to run the company with light overhead costs. Our expertise is widely appreciated, and supported by the public listing on Nasdaq, has given us a good and well known reputation.

Eetu Kaivola

Dimmed ambient lighting, throbbing bass and strobe lights. There's definitely something rock festivalish about Slush. But is it all just hype or is there something to learn? Is it only for investors and startup entrepreneurs?

Jouni Leino

A while ago an opportunity presented itself and I decided to take a leap of faith and start something entirely new and unknown. For the past few years I have been working on cloud services, infrastructure automation and a couple of new programming languages. Now I switched from the telecom industry to automotive, hoping to fully utilize my diverse education background and skills thus becoming a better engineer and a true digital craftman.


More and more customers choose Sitecore as the backbone for their customer experience management, as they connect and engage with their target audiences in more relevant ways. At this event the 18th November, you will learn more about why this is happening and how you can work with Sitecore and its partners to offer your customers better and more relevant experiences.

Jouni Leino, Full-stack developer and DevOps enthusiast

A jolly programming event was organized by Siili Solutions in the new 2nd floor Ruoholahti office space. The goal was to have the Finnish Clojure community gather together, share ideas, knowledge and to make new social connections.

Tuija Raatikainen

If one has recently gotten a higher education, it is possible that landing a relevant job can be difficult as the unemployment rates for recently graduated talents are high here in Finland. Even though the rates have fortunately taken a turn for the better, the situation remains alarming. It is a known problem that in order to nail a job, the recent graduate needs to already have some working experience from their field. The situation is frustrating both society’s and the individual’s point of view.

Kristiina Burtsoff

One month ago I joined Siili as Head of Talent and People Operations and got to know Siili’s talent team. It was love at first sight and I am still amazed by this team every day.

Sami Laine

Currently, companies without manufactured physical products earn billions euros by utilizing intangible assets and creating virtual products out of thin air. A significant amount of this information economy is based on selling our personal data and shaping our virtual social environment. For example, world’s largest companies, like Google and Facebook, sell our contact information, social networks, personal interests and much more to anyone willing pay for such precious information.


Siili Solutions Plc Press Release 12 August 2016 at 9:00 a.m.        

The software integrator Siili Solutions Plc has expanded its operations to the United States and established a subsidiary, Siili Solutions Inc., there. The establishment of a new site is related to Siili’s internationalisation strategy and the foothold the company has already gained in digitalisation development in the automotive industry. First employees will be located in California and New York.

Markku Savusalo

I noticed last week when coming back from summer holiday that this is actually a good measure how much you enjoy your work? If your feelings are depressed and very unpleasant when getting back weekly routines, you most likely are not doing right things in right company. On Sunday evening I felt very curious and my mind was already wondering way beyond to fall but anyhow I was confident and peaceful.

Jerry Jalassola
Over the recent years, we’ve seen those colored, sometimes complex but yet understandable graphs in the printed newspapers, we’ve definitely seen them in the web. There are new ways of presenting data and finding and really seeing the insights of data gathered from various sources. Fantastic looking, big, animated graphs about the common subjects such as sports, elections, traffic etc. are increasingly common these days.
Tiia Rapeli
Our wonderful DevOps Wizard Jouni Leino visited this year's DevOpsDays in Amsterdam, and was kind enough to share this update with us all!
Tuija Raatikainen
Having been recently recruited as a Talent attraction consultant for Siili Oulu, one of my interest has been to understand the Siili recruitment process.
Marita Klaavu
Siili recruited year 2015 more than 120 experienced professionals and will continue in the same path year 2016.