Description of the personal data

Description of the personal data

Description of the personal data file pursuant to Section 10 of the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999)

1. Data file name

Job applicant data file

2. Controller 

Siili Solutions Plc
Porkkalankatu 24, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 400 552 310

3. Person in charge of matters related to the data file 

Tiia Rapeli
Siili Solutions Plc, Porkkalankatu 24, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 50 304 1648

4. Purpose of the data file and grounds for keeping it 

Personal data is used for the suitability assessment of applicants and for choosing persons for vacancies announced by Siili Solutions Plc or its customer. Personal data is also used for communications between Siili Solutions Plc and its customer company, development and daily operations, provided that it is related to the assignment between Siili Solutions Plc and its customer company’s and the fulfilment of this assignment.

The processing of personal data is based on the consent of the data subject or the relevant connection pursuant to the Personal Data Act.

5. Data content of the data file 

Basic information about the applicant:
- Name, personal identity code, address, telephone number, e-mail address, gender, language, marital status, photo
Education and experience:
- Education and training, language skills, courses attended, profession, work experience, potential special expertise, information about the driving licence, current and previous employment relationships and their duration and nature, references
- Hobbies and interests
The applicant’s wishes:
- Wishes regarding position, tasks, salary, working location, start and end dates as well as other wishes.

6. Regular sources of data in the data file 

Personal data is collected from the applicant him-/herself as well as from personal and suitability assessment tests.

7. Disclosures of personal data 

Personal data is not disclosed to parties outside Siili Solutions Plc or its customer without the employee’s consent. However, Siili Solutions Plc may disclose personal data as allowed and obligated by currently valid legislation.

Due to circumstances related to the technical processing of personal data, some personal data may be physically located on the servers of subcontractors used by Siili Solutions Plc, from where they are accessed via an electronic user connection. Personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Data in the data file is not disclosed for purposes of direct marketing, market research, opinion polling, public register and genealogical research.

8. Connecting this data file with other personal data files  

The data file has no connections with other personal data files.

9. Protection and access rights of the data file 

Personal data is collected into common databases that are protected with firewalls and other appropriate technical means.

The data file is used in a network environment. The server equipment of the data file are in a locked room that is accessible only to persons determined in advance. Computers that are used for accessing the data file are located in facilities that are under surveillance.

The usage of the data file is monitored and supervised with the aid of personal access rights defined by Siili Solutions Plc. The access rights are terminated when the person transfers away from the tasks for which the access rights were granted.

10. Right of access

Pursuant to Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, a data subject has the right of access to the data on him/her in a personal data file. The data subject may submit his/her request concerning the right of access in writing or in person to the person in charge of matters related to the data file, indicated under Item 3.