Siili – for digital humanization.

Digitality is the new foundation of customer relationships. What kind of a digital world your brand would like to build?

Without a true will to understand the user, lasting digital stories cannot be born. We build global, lasting and comprehensive digital services together with our customers. We operate with an agile start-up spirit, because we think that success in today’s world requires an open mind and a meeting hat that is willing to experiment. We’re interested in asking the right questions, openness and true craftsmanship.

Today’s a good day to be better than yesterday.

Siili – for lasting digital footprint.

We’re Finland’s leading technology-independent software integrator and digital service partner. We help our customers to find an own digital persona, comprehensively, from the core of business. This means that we offer services, technology platforms, information management, architecture and project management – all from the same address. We always base our know-how on respect and transparency. With us, you’ll leave a lasting digital footprint.

Siili – for better tomorrows that start today.

Instead of static strategy papers, caved-in meetings and big words, we always strive to learn from our work. And most importantly: we do this via joy. With us you’ll always stay up-to-date, whether it’s early protos or solid end results. We get inspired (because we can!) – and work passionately (because we want to!). We the Siilis are craftsmen of the modern times.

To be able to succeed with our customer tomorrow, we work transparently and authentically today.

Siili – for you. People. Honesty. Agility.

Digitality is all about understanding a human being. Brands can decide to be involved in the new world with a partner that builds everything in a technology-oriented way, or instead, they can do the same with us Siilis who look at the world from an architecturally comprehensive, human-oriented view. In fact, brands are like people and that’s why they have wake up and stick to their values as the world changes. The biggest ideas are not the ones that are the hardest to carry out. On the contrary. An idea that stems from a real starting point is rewarding for the intellect, the heart and for the business.

What’s best is that we have the energy to listen to our customers – and even each other. The world belongs to good ears.

Siili – for unique stories for life.

So what is this Siili we’re talking about? The legend of the hedgehog who focused on what it was truly good at is the basis for our company story. It reminds us every day of how important it is to stay true to yourself and enjoy what you do best. And as it happened in the tale about the hedgehog and the fox, true strength is in the person who can also share from their strength.